Sabre Saw Blade – Progressor for Wood – S2345X

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Bosch 2608654404 Sabre saw blade Pack of 5 progressor for wood S2345X

S2345X is HCS ground, side set.
Construction timber (6-150 mm), boards: chip, MDF (medium-density fibreboard) (6-60 mm), plywood, plastic (6-150 mm), wooden panels (<175 mm).
Total length: 200 mm, Thickness: 1.25 mm, Width: 19 mm.
Tooth spacing, progr., min. 2.5 mm
Tooth spacing, progr., max. 4.3 mm
TPI progr., min. 6 TPI
TPI progr., max. 10 TPI
1/2″ universal shank.
Ground extra sharp teeth. Quick cut. Especially for curved cut.
Pack of 5.


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